Thursday, 27 June 2013

So, What's going on...?(part2)

The Ironhead is an old project we've had here in the past, now it's also back for a stripdown, chrome, paint and final assembly.

A Sportster complete frame is being built as we speak and the 94 XT600 is getting the nails done with the grinder.

Plenty, plenty...

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  1. Hi - I'm turning my ironhead into a bobber - stock rake n trail, 21" front wheel with 2" under forks. Stock 16" rear wheel, sprung seat and so on. I am trying to decide whether to add a hardtail to the stock frame or have a whole new hardtail frame you have a view on this? And what would you charge for the hardtail vs a new frame? I am in London. Thanks, Andy Fennell