Friday, 15 March 2013

Search for info

There arent many people around here working on old bikes that actually know what they're doing.  Someone told me that somewhere in a small village in the interior lived a man who knew his stuff. This is what I found. 40 years dedicated to restoring old european bikes.


  1. I bet that you didn't find out what you went to find out but found out every thing that you didn't realise you needed to find out.
    If you get my drift?
    If English isn't your native tongue and you understand that then "WELL DONE" Because i haven't got a fucking clue what i just said (or wrote)

  2. I actually found what I needed and what I didnt know I needed... The problem of knowing what you want, but not knowing how to get there sometimes takes you places you didnt know about to find things that you not only need but also YOU COULDNT DO WITHOUT!!

    That's learning, that is...

  3. Hugo,
    I know a other place in the Nord, village called Vila Nova de Famalicão!
    there is a guy who restores Indians, Triumph Harleys...
    that was 18years ago ....
    I just can give you the latitude parameters...
    Btw....hope everything is fine with you and family!
    see you in verão?many
    hugs and regards, Tommy