Sunday, 3 February 2013


riding season coming, better get craking


  1. I love the photos you post of the area where you live.
    It reminds me that i dosn't always rain...
    I have riden the length of Portugal about 3 years ago and i bloody loved it.
    Where about in Portugal are you?

  2. In Leiria, about 120 kms north of lisboa only 20 kms from the coast, although the sun does shine on ocasion our lives aren´t always as bright as it might look on the web, we just like to make the british jealous

  3. The nearest i've stayed to there is Nazare. it was a beautiful place and the place where that fucking huge wave that was surfed recently. Me and Mrs Oily Rag stayed in a nice hotel and had a lovley diner near the beach. There was a small museum that showed the history of all the fishermen that had died trying to make a living. then we saw a bloke,on the beach, getting a 'blowjob' from another bloke so we left......Nice place though.