Saturday, 9 February 2013


This one goes out to our favourite stalker. Although we've never met him, Oily Rob's our main contributor that always comes up with a funny comment. Check out his last one.

"The nearest i've stayed to there is Nazare. it was a beautiful place and the place where that fucking huge wave that was surfed recently. Me and Mrs Oily Rag stayed in a nice hotel and had a lovley diner near the beach. There was a small museum that showed the history of all the fishermen that had died trying to make a living. then we saw a bloke,on the beach, getting a 'blowjob' from another bloke so we left......Nice place though."

Can you spot them down there, mate?


  1. I think they may have run off after hearing an English woman shoughting "That's two men over there!"
    . I would just like to add that i have no objections where people put there cocks, as long as its no where near me.
    Truly i do like Portugal And i dont want to be just 'some weired stalker' so ill have to ride over and say "Hello" I might see if my Triumph will make it there without the engine jumping out of the frame (or my spine jumping out of my body).

  2. we look forward to meeting you in person, oh and nazaré is the closest beach to our hometown i´ve been there hundreds of time and never saw no cocksuckin blokes on the beach. the world realy is a small place

  3. Are you sure they weren't foreigners...?