Sunday, 6 January 2013

From scratch rocksolid handmade tailight

It took us a few months but we now have the first 4 of these tail lights finished in 2 different sizes. 50mm and 57mm. In numbers they dont seem very different, but in living colour they really are.
 Top quality, made to last you forever (if dont crash, of course). No number plate light, they run on 12V running and stop light.  No rubish components, all stainless steel bolts and mount, the body is aluminium , with a solid brass cap.
 Wont be seen on any catalogue anywhere, wont cost the earth, straight out from the hands of the pople who make them into yours. Made in a place where the wine is strong and the women wont let you near unless you marry or lie.
160€ or £130 for any of these first 4, cant promise we'll maintain the prices for the following 6.
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PS- Special thanks to our friend Tiago who designs and assembles the LED boards. Top man