Sunday, 2 December 2012

Aveiro Part 2

Last weekend we went for a drive to collect a bike Sergio bought (red GPZ1100) and for this car/bike/moped show and autojumble.  Clear skys, low temperatures. Most of this stuff was only for show, some of it you could buy IF you actually had the cash...wich we didnt.
Its only a small show held in the same place as Automobilia but somewhat smaller.  Still impressed with the  rare bikes we've got here and the horrific amount of 80s mopeds and spares.


  1. That looks bloody cool.
    Was all that stuff for sale??

    1. If you think that old British stuff is getting expensive over there, you should see what they ask for it here...

  2. I can imagine.. It's bloody ridiculas.
    If only we filled our sheds with leaky old brit stuff 20 years ago. Even then though I wouldnt have been able to afford much, as i was a poor 'stoner' student.