Friday, 5 October 2012

Workshop evolution

The place was built by our father in the nineties, in the so called  Portuguese "fat cow days" when we thought we were suddenly as rich as any other European country.
 It was designed so a small lorry could come in and unload, used to be a wharehouse where the family business stock was kept.
 Unpainted ,unwired and gateless, it got it's homemade power circuit 2 and a half years ago when my brother squatted the place.
It's still not a proper workshop but we're doing our best so becomes one in the future.


  1. What you need is a nice timber decking/ veranda so you can sit in your rocking chair with a cold one after a hard days work???

    1. That's in the list, right after paint...;)

  2. I'll be happy to help? Veranda that is, not painting as i hate painting.

  3. Fico feliz de ver o evolução de sua oficina, te acompanho desde que vc se mudou para aí,e fico torcendo para que vc cresça cada vez mais, vc é muito bom no que faz. Espero um dia poder visitar Portugal e conseguir te visitar também.


    Carlos Ábila/ Brasil

  4. Obrigado Carlos. Serás sempre bem vindo.

  5. I gave you a dustpan and brush. Where is it?

  6. In shame I admit I might have left it behind...