Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tail light prototype

There is a certain amount of patience needed to make something different every time. In our case we try not to repeat ourselves more than we need because there are more things you can create than ones you can replicate (and you can quote me on this one if you wish). A bit like everything else,I often find myself thinking about what I'm loosing by eating the same meal or watching the same film again, when I could be descovering something different.
  As you might have noticed I'm trying hard to make some sense with all this jibba jabba and at the same time justify before myself and the world all the hours I spent machining billet aluminuim and brass to come to something as simple as a legal rear light. Is it worth it?  Try making one, stare at it for a couple of hours and then let me know...


  1. .....go on like that, don t look left or right!
    ...it was born in your head, with your experience....

  2. Thanks for your words Tommy!
    We're making another one I think you're going to like.
    Stay tuned