Monday, 23 July 2012

Faro 2012

It´s been the best of times, after the long hardship we endured in getting everything ready the rocksolid crew made it , the Faro 31st motorcycle rally was as it´s allways been a huge success, a land mark for Portuguese motorcycle culture if there is such a thing,and it culminated in a perfect 400 kilometer ride in 35 plus degree heat that got me home last night, i am stocked to say the least, so many new and old friends, it´s almost as in 4 days our lifes make a litle bit more sense. In Faro we are reborn and gain strengh to one more year of struggle.A big thank you to the MCF  crew for all the hard work and specialy to the organizers of the bike show/custom farm, like one of my coleagues told me, if this show end, we´ll all go under. Faro forever

1 comment:

  1. Well done everyone.
    The photos look great and the bikes look even better. I only wish i was there in person to see the bikes in the flesh.