Friday, 15 June 2012

The beggining of the end

This project started with a rolling chassis listed on ebay UK.  João, who runs OldBridge Motorcycles, ,bidded and won the auction.  He had a 5 speed Sportster engine he wanted to throw in the frame and a month later came to us.  We realised that there was nothing straight in that chassis and that it would take the same amount of work to straighten things out as it would to build it from scratch.
Slowly, the frame was built, the gearbox was (literally) removed from the engine, wheels were skimmed down, forks were fabricated and upgraded , brakes were machined ,tanks were made from sheet metal and cut and welded and cut and welded and cut... Many months of hard work were put into this so that it rolls as good as it looks and we can proudly say that this is a true hand made bike with no "bolt on" bits.

João picked up the bike today to finish it off at his HQ. He says he's going to ride it to Faro this year...

You can follow the whole process by clicking the OldBridge Project box on the right.


  1. My jaw just hit the floor. Incredible work and an amazing achievement. Congrats.

  2. It's a big complement coming from you. Cheers for that Lloyd

  3. Another amazing piece of backbreaking- knuckel scuffing- work. wish i could make it to faro this year to see it in person. ill have to wait till next year.

  4. There's always an extra square meter in the workshop for your tent!

  5. I hope you was talking to me because i would definatly like to take you up on that offer...

    1. Yes you in rainland. We've got some wood board that needs to be cut to length for bench tops and could use the experteese.
      PS- For some reason I cant leave comments on your blog.

    2. I can certanly cut wood (better than spelling anyway), but my real expertise is in drinking beer and farting.
      Ill look into the comments thing. Computers really twist my nut so it may take some time.