Saturday, 12 May 2012

Cheap fun

 Not the most powerful bike in the world designed when Yamaha's weren't the best bike money could buy. Some call it a cheap reliable Ducati , most never even seen or heard about them. Great fun, great bike to ride.TRX850


  1. Is one of them your TRX ?
    I have always loved Yamahas they have always made bikes that are a fine balance between 'balls out' character and reliability.

    Honda's drive themselves, they are so smooth that they have no soul (apart from the early Fireblade)they are fuckers to work on aswell.

    Kawasaki had a hay day when they made the Z900 and the two stoke triples but since then have been preety similar to everything else on the market.
    Suzuki have made blisteringly quick bikes since they introduced the GSXR'S.

    But for me Yamaha where miles ahead when they created the RD350lc and the 5valve fz motor is still bloody fast and reliable. TRX's are a parallel twin that works like a V twin with a cool chassis i dont know why they didn't catch on(but that means you can still pick them up cheep, buy one now before everyone else catches on).
    unfortunatly all 'Jap' bikes that are built now, look the same.
    You may not have wanted my opinion on Jap bikes but i gave it anyway. Sorry

  2. old kwaks rule the world, and everything else you said is basicly true, my brother loves hondas but most of them although reliable are very boring

  3. Hi mate!!
    The black boring one is mine (first 2 pics, same bike). It was left utside for 6 years in Borehamwood with a bad crank. I rescued it and it's here with us know, enjoying the sun.