Thursday, 19 January 2012


i first met Bruno when i was 9 or ten years old, me and my cousin would go over to his place to play video games on my school holidays, not often, maybe only a few times, and we became friends, not close, but the proximity and the comun friends kept us in touch from time to time, last time i saw him was at one of my best friends funeral back in 08, Bruno isn´t a biker, a rider or even a fast liver, just a normal guy triyng to make it trough,working hard without much fuss. he went for a test ride on is brothers new sports bike, he died last night, the way most of us would like to go when he crashed at high speed in the midle os the night, no pain no fuss. my respects go to his family, his mrs and close friends. rest in peace, FTW

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