Wednesday, 9 March 2011


my new bike, couldn´t afford the kicker only, hartail 80 inch shovel i love so much, so i had to setlle for this ugly thing, it´s for sale now, to see if i can afford the other one sometime soon, good solid 84 evo with all the bagger bits and bobs, might turn it into something cool, if the right buyer don´t come along, like nyc, or frico style, fxrs are in fashion, and i´m a bandwagon jumper, for now i get to enjoy the windshield, and the bags, good for the weakly grocerie shoping, not that i do any


  1. Hey Man it looks a lot better than when it was in the back of your van, I've started a new blog called slims on the road check it out man not really got the hang of it yet but hopefully it will get better

  2. Thats really ugly :)
    Are you going to put portuguese plates on that?