Monday, 17 January 2011

been bustin my ass all weekend, one deal as gone wrong, some deals have turn out better than expected, 4th sunny t-shirt weather day in a row, no bike to ride, no time or money to ride it, lots and lots of work to do, this is outside my door this morning after the manic frenzie that´s been the past few days, and not helping this internet is to fucking slow to upload my pics


  1. sounds like your having fun ;-)
    Work looks nice

  2. Hey Man finally figured out how to leave a comment for you signed up for my own Blog Slims on the Road that's if I see any road this year.
    Keep the faith brother you know Rome wasn't built in a day your hard work will pay off

  3. hi serge,its time you tided up your workshop .
    its a mess.
    hope you are well

  4. eheh, it does need a tidy up, but then again so does my head, hey laurie i can´t find your e.mail or blog, goodtimes are coming