Wednesday, 27 October 2010


it´s finnaly done, rocksolids #0000001 frame, i´ve invested a lot of time and money researching to get the best materials, tooling and procedures, to last longer than any other component on your bike, i´m selling this in varied forms of completion, to suit the skills and capabilities of the builder, 1,25 inch diameter DOM seamless tubing, machined tube neck of the same material, 100% tig welded and cooled down in a precision jig, for the best frame you´ll ever own, as it stands 500 pounds, big twin motor mounts welded plus 100, and from then on. the first ten that have proven 20.000 miles on the frame gets 100 pounds of stuff back.
fully warrantied for as long as your the original buyer


  1. thats a good looking frame and a bloody good deal Sérgio... good luck with them, i'll be in touch once my present build is out of the way.....

  2. if you do a frame for a pre 2003 solid mount sportster i would be very interested!!!