Monday, 20 September 2010

loooong weekend part 1 fire wood

saturday morning started early, got in the truck, found a suitable victim, and that´s when all the troubles started, the chainsaw wouldn´t start, a few f... word after, we got back to the hq, to get the other chainsaw, got back at the crime scene just before lunch, great timing, and then the other f... chainsaw wouldn´t cut the godamm pine tree, we were pissed of and things weren´t looking good, by 4 o´clock in the afternoon, and after much fuckin about with two useless chainsaws, we decided it was time to call the big guns and my uncle was called on duty with his proper chainsaw, it still put ut a good fight ,the cunt, but we got i sorted and it was done and dusted by dinner time, we took it down and sectioned it with the chainsaw, then cut the logs in to pieces to fit in the fire stove with the axes, hard work, but very very good exercise, my shoulders and hands still hurt.
oh and after dinner we still had time to change my cousins front shocks

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