Wednesday, 15 September 2010

farm boy

every morning i get to do my part on the familys farming, the summer is dry and hot in this part of the world, and you gotta water it. so them vegetables and yuhmy fruties can grow big and tasty, this is where we get all our tomatoes, peppers cucumbers, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cabbagge, figs, pears, aples, peaches, and of course the most important, sweet sweet grapes, that we make our wine from, it´s not a prize winning, world famous special reserve, but it sure beats most of the overpriced crap that you get in shops and supermarkets in most places in northern europe, and north america. it´s got nothing to do with bikes, but it´s got everything to do with who i am, and where i´m from.
oh and my uncle just bought me a brand new axe, it´s that time of the year to go and get some fire wood for the winter,from where i´m seating i can hear the chainsaws working, no central heating here.

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