Friday, 3 September 2010

cegonheira, proudly MADE IN PORTUGAL

life is good at the rocksolid hq, i´ve been breakin in to this beast of a lathe, not cause it´s brand new (far from it),but cause i just had it runnin for the first time this week. i bought it trough a friend from a moving factory, for something like 650 euros, he garanteed me it was straight and true, and i guess i knew what he was talking about since he´d been working with it for the last 17 years, moving it was a task in it self, no specialized help here, some friends brought the fork lifts, the trucks, others the lending hand,and lunch and booze was on me, that´s how it works in a place where money is about as precious and rare as it is worthless and useless.
it´s about 3 meters long 1.5 meters high and weights something like 3,5 tonnes, it´s my most precious tool, but it was far from beeing the most expensive one. those who know me,know how proud i am of my country and everything portuguese, even when it sucks to be one.

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  1. Hey Sergio... Good to see the Lathe up n working... some small pieces i need !!! will mail you man ;)