Friday, 20 August 2010

the GOIS MC put up a good party, in some of the most beautiful portuguese mountains, money is runnin short so, 45 bucks(euros), a botle of jack that i got for christmas from my mom and that i thought i´d drank, and some traditional portuguese choriço, will just have to do for the weekend, life is good, the bike runs sweet, the sun is out and the road awaits, i´ll post some more pics on sunday.
and rowan thanks for the suport, you´re welcome in this part of the world, day or night anytime


  1. Oh i'll definately pop up and see you mate, first chance i get to go walk about i will ;)

  2. Choyrice?? Se ainda fosse uma salsichinha Yorkshire com figado e unhas de porco... Lips and arseholes, como diria o outro.
    Nothing like the good English traditional ... "food".

  3. Agora que reparo... Ainda me hás-de dizer onde é que foste arranjar esses chouriços!!