Friday, 30 July 2010

the life and dreams of a rusted junk adicted

life as been troubled and busy in the portuguese midlands.
i moved from london 3 weeks ago where i worked for 3 years for nick gale, a well knowned custom bike shop, building high money bikes for some of londons finest, while there i managed to buy a shit load of machinery and all sorts of motorcycle junk, once my tour of duty was over in her majestys homeland, bringing all that stuff half way across the old world was no easy task, in the end i ended up taking a 3 day lift from the lorrie driver encharged of that pricey task.
and this is where rock solids story realy beggins, let me tell you, trying to build a custom shop with very litle money, in a dying economy, and where the gearhead and kustum culture are virtualy inexistent is no easy task, luckly enough i´ve got the place, the will and very importantly the friends to help smooth this hardship up.

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  1. Wow.. thats a bloody fantastic size for a machine/work/custom shp... good luck mate !!